Fibre Information


People often wonder what makes ALPACA WOOL so different from sheep’s wool. These brief facts will give you an idea.


Baby Alpaca Wool comes from the very first shearing of an Alpaca as well as wool taken from the neck and the nape part of selected adult alpacas. This wool is silky, soft and extremely smooth to the touch.


This type of cotton is considered to be one of the best blends in the world. This fibre is extremely durable, absorbent and creates a very dense and soft fabric that does not wear out quickly. Clothing made out of this material is ideal for all seasons as it is light for summer, but provide superior warmth during winter.


Some of our designs are entirely made in Tanguis Organic Cotton. These briefs facts will give you an idea of what makes our cotton apparel high quality and unique.

Harvesting the Cotton is done by hand making the process environmentally friendly. Hand harvesting also helps to get less imperfection in the yarn as machine harvesting can scratch the cotton fibres and stain its natural durability.

Synthetic products or chemicals are not use in the handling and processing of the yarn.

The yarn is spun by hand making the fibre soft, durable and highly resistant to pilling.