Gems and Jewels on Alpeí – A ‘piece’ for each of us

What is it about jewellery that we always need at least one piece to complete our attire? Since ancient history, gems and jewels have been part of our lives. We have always accompanied our attire with 'the extra piece', either to be used as a sign of identification or just to express our feelings and likes.

Today jewellery is still worn as a form of self-expression, signifying a sense of identity, taste or belief. This is how the Alpei handmade jewellery collection came to be inspired by cultural expression and identity.

Alpei handmade jewellery pieces are truly uniqueAlpe's jewellery designer, Doris Moreno, has gathered the best of those expressions combined with her South American influences to create unique handmade 950 sterling silver pieces featuring various gems and jewels, textures and always stunning filigree.

From minimalist to exuberant pieces, Alpei’s handmade jewellery collection is full of meaning, colour and textures.  

 Whether you are in the trend of ‘less is more’, a gem lover, a romantic or you are just looking for something unique, Alpei’s jewellery collection is designed to truly complement your look.

Alpei handmade jewellery pieces are truly unique. Every piece is handcrafted as a limited edition.When you choose a piece of Alpei jewellery it becomes a part of you.  

Handmade gems and jewels

Pure romance in filigree - Handmade in 950 sterling silver, Alpei Filigree Jewelry Set has been created to depict elegance and simplicityen-twined silver threads inspired by Alpei's knitting obsession. It's exquisite design makes it perfect for a memorable occasion.

Quality handmade Jewellery by Alpeí

Alpei Stamp Single Rings are versatile pieces designed for those who love to have 'the all-rounder'. Hand-hammered in 950 sterling silver, these minimalist yet unique designs make them ideal to work with any look.

Handmade jewels and gems by Alpeí


A celestial blue crafted into a gorgeous, unique set. Alpei Lapis Lazuli dangle earrings and blue rope band ring are specially created for the gem lover. 
Symbol of universal wisdom and truth. This Lapis Lazuli stone set is beautifully handcrafted in 950 sterling silver with filigree rope bands...just a remarkable set to be part of that special moment in your life❣

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