Alpaca Wool Clothing for Winter

Alpaca wool clothesAs winter approaches and we start feeling a cold breeze coming through the night, we know that anytime soon will be time to have fun layering up in lovely cosy knits. If you have been looking for a woollen fibre that gives you the right amount of cosyness and makes you feel like cuddles then Alpaca wool is something you should try on this winter.

Smooth, durable and silky to the touch Alpaca wool is recognised as one of the most luxurious fibres in world. Harvested and used by royalty since ancient times, this gorgeous woollen fibre provides the perfect amount of warmth as the actual fibre is denser and finer than sheep wool giving it superior insulating properties and softness. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic as it does not contain lanolin, a fatty element found in sheep wool that holds dust and microscopic allergens that can cause allergic reactions.

Furthermore, if you are an Eco- aware shopper this is definitely a fibre you are looking for as it is an Eco- friendly wool. Alpacas consume less grass than other livestock, they don’t cut the grass from the roots allowing it to grow back naturally, their padded feet allow them to navigate the most delicate terrain without affecting their feeding grounds as much. Alpacas in Peru are free to roam the country side just as they have done for thousands of years. They live a symbiotic relationship with the land and they are an important resource for small family farms and communities. 

Gorgeous alpacas roaming freely in Arequipa - PeruGorgeous alpacas roaming freely in the country side of the city of Arequipa - Peru

Alpei has a great respect for this beautiful natural fibre, our products are made in a traditional and sustainable way. We work with incredibly talented artisans from Peru who use manual machines to knit our alpaca jumpers and cardigans, once the woven process is finished every piece is stitched by hand and our accessories are entirely knitted by hand.

Alpaca wool definitely great to try this winter.

Stay warm!

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