Alpaca Jumpers & Cardigans | AW18 Collection

Alpeí AW18 collecton sneak peek

We are coming close to finishing our AW18 collection just as we are heading to the cooler days, so we can get to enjoy all our gorgeous alpaca wool clothing. At Alpeí, we are completely immersed in autumn and winter already so here is an exclusive inside behind the ideas and the design inspiration of our AW18 collection pieces for alpaca jumpers and cardigans.

Alpaca wool jumper by alpeíAlpaca cardigan by alpeí

Combining sustainability, art and fashion, this collection is inspired by the free spirit and romantic at heart who has great passion for natural-fibres pieces as well as being conscious of the process involve in creating unique knits.
Our AW18 collection is handcrafted with great attention to detail and love for romantic, timeless and contemporary designs.  Handmade entirely in 100% alpaca wool and baby alpaca wool, this collection includes a range of easy-to-wear knits, from sophisticated alpaca cardigans to some bright shade alpaca jumpers
Each piece has been created into our brand’s signature subtle femininity complementing the figure as well as giving a so desired comfortable fit.

Elegant and simple, this collection is crafted in monochromatic and vibrant colours mixing beautiful knitted laces, jersey stitching and geometrical patterns with classic-cut shapes as well as artisanal finishing’s. 
We hope you'll love this collection as much as we do...We can't wait to see in store and wear it!

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